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Our Evaluation, Acceleration, and Certification Services are all entirely customizable, tailored to the exact needs and starting point of your organization.


What gets measured, gets managed.

We created Gender Fair to serve as the standard for measuring an organization’s investment in fairness.

Our holistic evaluation allows us to work with all organizations to benchmark and improve – tracking gender metrics, providing data insights & expertise, and ensuring continuous improvement.


Be a standard-bearer for your industry.

Companies that meet the standard by scoring 70 points or more on the Gender Fair Evaluation are eligible for Certification.

Because we are never pay-to-play, the use of the Gender Fair Seal and access to our Promotion Services are reserved exclusively for these top-ranking companies, which are re-evaluated annually.

Subscription and membership models are available, and include a host of benefits.

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Coalition for Gender Fair Procurement

Discover how your company can advance gender equality by leveraging the power of corporate procurement as a lever for change.