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Download the Gender Fair App
Download the Gender Fair App

Gender Fair measures the health of over 500+ publicly traded companies representing 3000+ brands by giving a detailed report - not just the calorie count - on how they are doing internally and externally. Only 12% of companies in the index are rated Gender Fair. Find out which brands measure up in the app by downloading it today.

Non Profits Ranking
News: Gender Fair Launches Non Profit Rankings

Gender Fair is proud to launch the Non Profit rankings. Our rankings cover over 20,000 organizations. If you care about gender equality, you can choose to donate to organizations that are making progress on that issue within their own organizations.

Quote: Melinda French Gates
Melinda French Gates

"You likely already support dozens of businesses with your spending. Do you know which of those businesses support your values? Where do they stand on promoting gender equality and diversity?
For national or global businesses, there is an app - GENDER FAIR - that publishes data on companies' records on gender equality including the proportion of women in leadership positions, the gender gap in pay and benefits, and the portrayal of women in their advertising.
If you want to speak out with your spending, make a list of businesses where you spend money and use GENDER FAIR to check their records on women. See if they have competitors who do a better job on gender, and then support the brands and businesses that support women, writing letters to the winners and losers and telling them why you're changing."

- Melinda French Gates, 'Moment Of Lift'

Media Mention: Forbes
Media Mention: Forbes

Where you spend your money matters, so be intentional about supporting women-owned businesses and companies focused on gender equity. One app that makes it easier to spend in line with your values and to support companies committed to advancing gender equity is Gender Fair.


“How can we flip the switch and have biggest impact out there? Here’s the answer: Gender Fair”

- Bracken Darrell, Former CEO, Logitech UNGA7

Building more equal and inclusive digital societies through multi-stakeholder partnerships

Partner: Lilly Ledbetter
Partner: Lilly Ledbetter

We marked Equal Pay Day this year with the hero Lilly Ledbetter whose fight to be paid equally inspired real legislation. We co-hosted an event with the Lilly Social Action Campaign and sparks & honey, bringing together advocates, experts, and community members to shed light on the enduring significance of Equal Pay Day and to explore avenues for further action. We are honored to have Lilly Ledbetter herself join us, offering her insights on the significance of this day and sharing her personal reflections on the gender pay gap.

The Score
The Score

Gender Fair is an independent, data driven, third party certification of a company’s commitment to women’s equality. We rate companies on a 100-point index assessing five key areas: leadership & opportunities, employee policies, advertising, diversity reporting, and social impact measurements.

Our metric system is derived from the UN Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) to ensure companies meet benchmark investments in Gender Equality — internally and in the communities they serve.


With a mission to improve equality in all organizations, Gender Fair also rates colleges and nonprofits, and will produce a database of business to business companies in summer 2024.

Scan, browse or search for your favorite brand labels in the Gender Fair Index.
500+ companies, 3000+ brand profiles and growing!

Find Out if You Are Gender Fair

Accelerating Equality - Simplified

What if you could use independent data and market forces to create fairness? Now you can.


need ratings systems to simplify
values-based purchasing decisions

Identifying which companies own which brands, determining whether or not a company operates by the values it expresses, and finding alternatives when your favorite brands let you down - it can get complicated!


need independent validation to verify their authentic commitment to equality

Setting Diversity & Inclusion goals and benchmarking progress, understanding the critical policies and best practices, and building trust with employees and customers - it takes a team.

Companies that meet the Gender Fair standard can become Gender Fair certified through a validation process.

Mobile App

Stay informed, be heard​

Our new app lets you search and scan products while you shop in-store, and provides detailed information about a company’s rating. Best of all, the app makes it easy to shop your values.

Our free Gender Fair app means you’ll always have a trusted source of independent information right at your fingertips. With the app in hand, you’ll always know which companies have demonstrated their commitment to equality - and which haven’t.

We rate everyday brands and the companies behind them, so you can scan labels or look up products as you shop, and use your purchasing decisions to show companies that consumers care and investing in equality pays off.

Search our database for specific products, or review the top performers by category. The app will tell you how your favorite brands measure up, and suggest Gender Fair alternatives for those that don’t meet the standard.

Chrome Extension

Transform your browsing experience

Wish there were an easy way to shop your values from your desktop? Turn your browser into a Gender Fair shopping portal by downloading our Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store, and let the Gender Fair Seal be your guide. The extension will let you know if a company has been rated, and show you at a glance whether it meets the standard – or not.

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