Certification Benefits

As a Gender Fair Certified Organization you will:

  • DIFFERENTIATE your company from the competition
  • CAPTURE consumer voice through our app
  • CONNECT with conscientious consumers
  • ATTRACT and retain the best talent
  • GAIN market share with brand halo and loyalty
  • IMPROVE with ongoing access to best practice research
  • PARTNER with peers and thought leaders on diversity
  • LEAD the charge for fairness and equality

Exclusive Services

While we offer Evaluation and Acceleration Services to all, the following service categories are reserved for Gender Fair Certified Organizations:


Cement your position as a standard bearer in your industry and a thought-leader in gender fairness by working with us to find new and innovative ways of leveraging our data to accelerate equality.

As a collaborator you’ll be invited to speak at and co-host round-tables and think-tanks, and to work with other Certified organizations and our partners to co-create inspiring content. The guidelines, tools, communications, and events we co-create are what set Gender Fair Certified companies apart as standard-bearers in their industries.



With on-going marketing campaigns and year-round events, we’ll let the world know you stand with women. A part of our network, you’ll grow your reach and reputation through:

    • Conferences: We’ve showcased Gender Fair companies at Women in The World, Women Deliver, Ellevate, TEDGlobal, Diversity’s Women’s Business & Leadership Conference, and more.
    • Social Media: Across several platforms, our Social Media covers gender equality and business issues, and highlights Gender Fair companies and their gender equality practices to a growing audience.

You’ll also benefit from the virtuous cycles we activate among our affiliates – in which companies that support gender equality support each other. These benefits include Public Relations support from Edelman, and in-network discounts from our preferred providers.

To learn more about Certification please contact us via phone or email.

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