The Glass Ceiling

Read Gender Fair Co-Founder Kristi Faulkner in Forbes:

It is irony writ large that the products women are most passionate about are often made and sold by companies who are hostile to their own female talent.  The hyper-competitive fashion industry draws women to its top schools at a female/male ratio as high as 99-to-1,  but the paradigm is not reflected in fashion’s workforce. An analysis of the top fashion brands reveals that men are more likely to serve in leadership roles, most especially in the c-suite.

Women so driven by their passion for wine that they pursue viticulture as a career face the same obstacle as their friends studying fashion. The domination of men in winemaking has been entrenched for a century, even as the majority of wine sales are attributed to women. From bars to book club to baby showers, have you ever been to a gathering of women that didn’t feature wine?