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Gender Fair Acceleration Services

Whatever your organization’s starting point, Gender Fair is prepared to meet you where you are, help you identify your goals, and lay out a clear pathway for achieving them.

We offer both strategy and implementation consulting, and can either tailor our standard offerings to your needs, or create something new just for you


The insights you need to accelerate equality


Expert Implementation to move you forward, faster

Gender Fair Bootcamps

Our one- to two-day interactive workshops are designed to rapidly accelerate progress on specific metrics. Choose from an array of targeted subjects such as Unconscious Bias, Employee Resources Group Effectiveness, and Inclusive Leadership, or let us design a custom bootcamp for your needs. All bootcamps provide a solutions-focused forum for your employees, and equip your team with specific action items and accountability plans.

$2,000 – $5,000

Gender Fair Benchmarking

Externally facing, our Market Intelligence Report lets you know exactly how your company compares to the competition when it comes to gender equality. A deep-dive into your company’s fairness metrics, this in-depth contextual assessment provides competitive analysis, risk-assessment, and identification of under-leveraged assets. The critical insights provided will enable you to gain market share and attract talent by spotlighting your achievements, while providing a laser focus on opportunities for improvement.


Equality Road-Map

Internally facing, our Gender Lens Analysis & Equality Road-Map takes measurement to the next level, building on the “what” of gap-identification by understanding the “why“ and mapping the “how”.

This comprehensive internal analysis identifies progress fairness impediments such as pipeline leaks, opportunity gaps, and transformation pain points – and their underlying causes.

The company- and department-specific road-maps provide improvement targets, detailed and progressive action plans, and personalized tracking tools for teams leading on: Organizational Culture; Compensation; HR Processes; Communications; Management; Marketing Efforts; Performance Measurement, and more, depending on organizational structure and need.

$12,500 – $30,000

Cultural Transformation

A holistic solution, our Cultural Consulting delivers transformative results by executing the strategy laid out in our Road-Map.

Through this guided implementation partnership, your organization will achieve transformation targets and change behaviors that impact gender parity and inclusion.

Cultural Transformation resolves systemic factors through policy and protocol improvement, and resets organizational culture and individual behaviors through workshops and toolkit usage trainings. Sustainable transformation is achieved by identifying and coaching key change agents and delivering individualized action plans.

$12,500 – $30,000

*Requires prior Gender Fair Analysis & Equality Road-Map

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