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Gender Fair Has Just One Mission: EQUALITY

Gender Fair Has Just One Mission: EQUALITY

Women don’t want to wait another hundred years for equality. So we built the world’s first and only market-based solution for achieving it now.

Consumers want to be able to shop based on their values, now more than ever. They want to support companies that support the causes they do, and they won’t settle for messaging alone – they demand demonstrated commitment.

Both companies and consumers need a trusted independent party to discern which companies meaningfully support equality, and which don’t.

Knowledge is Power.

The easier it is to support brands that support equality, the more frequently consumers will make purchasing decisions that do so. By giving consumers a tool that can quickly and reliably deliver an independent evaluation of a company’s commitment to equality, we enable consumers to make values-based decisions in real-time.

Gender Fair’s app and chrome extension will let shoppers check for fairness in an instant – delivering the first gender-based rating accessible at the point-of-sale, when consumers need it most.

Women Are The World's Most Powerful Consumer.

85% of consumer decisions are made or influenced by women – let’s leverage that power for good.

When we spend our money with companies that have women in leadership, companies will do more to recruit and promote women to be decision-makers.

When we buy from brands with positive gender representation in their marketing, brands will create more inclusive marketing messages.

When we invest in companies that practice gender fairness, we will create the incentive for more companies to step up and support all employees equally.