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Our App

Our free Gender Fair app means you’ll always have a trusted source of independent information right at your fingertips. With the app in hand, you’ll always know which companies have demonstrated their commitment to equality - and which haven’t.

We rate everyday brands and the companies behind them, so you can scan labels or look up products as you shop, and use your purchasing decisions to show companies that consumers care and investing in equality pays off.

Search our database for specific products, or review the top performers by category. The app will tell you how your favorite brands measure up, and suggest Gender Fair alternatives for those that don’t meet the standard.

Our Extension

Transform your browsing experience

Wish there were an easy way to shop your values from your desktop? Turn your browser into a Gender Fair shopping portal by downloading our Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store, and let the Gender Fair Seal be your guide. The extension will let you know if a company has been rated, and show you at a glance whether it meets the standard – or not.