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Use this confidential and secure assessment to evaluate your organization’s progress on equality. The Gender Fair assessment shows you how you compare to your peers and identify areas of improvement. Once completed, you will receive your Gender Fair score along with report providing relevant advice on how to improve your progress on gender and diversity.

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Gender Fair’s holistic measurement evaluates leadership, employee policies, diversity reporting, communications and social impact on a 100 point scale. The assessment’s resulting report provides recommendations and links to valuable resources to provide a road map to improvement.

For more than 5 years, Gender Fair has been rating gender equality and diversity of public companies using publicly available data. In response to market demand, we are expanding our program to include three levels of assessment available to companies of all sizes – public and private:

    • Gender Fair public assessment – our researchers provide you with a Gender Fair score based on publicly available data
    • Gender Fair self-assessment – you answer a series of questions to receive your Gender Fair score
    • Gender Fair Certified – our researchers verify your self-assessment score

Companies that meet the Gender Fair standard have been certified through a validation process.

Join an elite group of some of the best companies in the world.

Getting Started to become Gender Fair

  • Click here to see if your company has already been assessed by our journalist researchers. If so, contact research@genderfair.com for more information on how your score was determined. If not, proceed to the next step

  • Click here or click the button on this page to take the 60-90 minute assessment and receive a Gender Fair self-assessment score along with a detailed report on industry benchmarks, observations, recommendations and links to valuable resources.

  • If desired, proceed to the validation process. A member of the Gender Fair research team will provide a verified score by reviewing your self-assessment and supporting documents, and seeking additional information as necessary.

Have you already purchased the self-assessment and received your credentials?

Those companies meeting the Gender Fair standard (score of 70+ out of 100) are eligible for certification and promotion via Gender Fair marketing channels, consumer-facing app and third-party affiliates.

Taking the Gender Fair Assessment will:

  • Demonstrate how your company compares against competitors
  • Identify whether you meet the standard and where you can improve
  • Give your company a competitive advantage as you become Gender Fair
  • Help keep your company on track and accountable
  • Find blind spots in your organization’s approach to gender diversity and equality
  • Build gender equality and diversity into your company’s DNA
  • Help you tell a meaningful business story to your stakeholders, employees consumers and investors
“Before you buy any item, check the GenderFair app. Supporting equality-driven companies can help us get us one step closer to gender equality.”
Melinda Gates
“I’m excited about the partnership with Gender Fair … I describe it to people as kind of the good housekeeping seal of approval, which is to say we stand for something.”
Laurie Kowalesvky
VP Marketing, CMO, Lilly Biomedicines
“We’re so excited about Gender Fair… we sell products that we build and we also work on enterprises in 191 countries around the world. So think about the scale of selling products and changing organizations and then you take an organization like Gender Fair that creates not only the logo for consumers to maybe change consumer preference, or at least get informed consumers to know who are you buying from and what’s their perspective and stance on women and equality, but also for enterprises, large companies that are trying to transform and to try to create more diverse workplace... People who want a better world not only for themselves but for their children and further generations, we get to choose, and what better way to choose and show the world how important this is to us than where we spend our dollars.”
Toni Townes-Whitley
President of US Regulated Industries, Microsoft
"As women who shop, make decisions, groceries, clothes, you name it, we’re now more socially conscious spenders and I think that is very important.”
Joy Fitzgerald
Chief Diversity Officer, Eli Lilly & Co
"We were delighted to be the first nonprofit to be certified Gender Fair in 2020, but we weren’t satisfied. Based on feedback from Gender Fair® and input from our own employees, we made changes and are thrilled to have achieved a near perfect score in 2021. We increased our parental leave, fostered greater diversity on our Board of Trustees and continued to narrow our gender pay gap down to one percent. Gender equity is a priority for Save the Children in our work with children and communities across the globe, and we are proud to stand by these principles for our workforce as well.”
Debbie Pollock-Berry
Chief Human Resources Officer, Save The Children

Take The Gender Fair Assessment Today!