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Companies need
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with hard data.

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For a balanced assessment that controls for outlier performance in select metrics, we evaluate organizational data from four key areas:

  • Leadership
  • Employee Policies
  • Advertising
  • Philanthropy

To learn more, visit our Metrics & Methodology page.


As of summer 2019, we are proud to offer Assessment and Certification to privately held organizations, including non-profits. 

As private companies are not bound by the same disclosure mandates as public companies, we rely on self-reported data, individually validated by our research team. The evaluation process includes just two steps, and your organization’s data is protected by our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) and held in strictest confidence. 

Step 1: Initial Assessment

To begin your assessment, download your MNDA form here, and click the button below to begin. Our self-reporting survey can be completed by your Human Resources representative in one sitting, or saved for your convenience, and customer service is standing by to assist you with any questions. With convenient in-survey payment, we’ll be able to process your data and return your initial results to you within 2 working days. 

*Initial Assessment fee can be applied toward the cost of Validation

If you prefer to speak with a representative or are unable to make online payments, please contact us via phone or email

Step 2: Validation

Once you have received your Initial Assessment Report Card, it is your choice whether to continue in the process. Companies that meet the Gender Fair standard (scoring 70 or more of 100 points) must proceed with Validation in order to be Certified. The Validation process typically takes about 1 work week, and is conducted by a dedicated research associate.