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We analyze a company’s commitment to advancing female leadership throughout its organization.

Are there leadership programs for women?

Does the percentage of women in the C-Suite or Executive Committee **meet or exceed the current benchmark of 14% (average in Fortune 500)?

Does the percentage of women on the Board meet or exceed the current benchmark of 20% (average in Fortune 500)?

Is the percentage of women of color on the board above the current benchmark of 5%?

Does the percentage of women in management meet or exceed the current benchmark of 40% (average according to US Government Accounting Agency)? Note: Management figures are self-reported, and definitions may vary.

**We use the number provided to the SEC of the highest paid executives. For non-US companies where that data is not available we count the executives with the word Chief in their titles, and if that is not applicable, we use the company’s listing of top executives.

We analyze a company’s ability to provide a supportive working environment for employees.

Does the paid maternity leave meet or exceed the current benchmark?
Does the paid paternity leave meet or exceed the current benchmark?
Does the company have programs or policies such as onsite childcare, breast milk shipping and lactation rooms?
Has the company published a gender pay gap study?
Does the company have any of the following in regards to sexual harassment: a third party reporting hotline, ombuds, a non-forced arbitration policy?

We analyze a company’s portrayal of gender in its advertising and marketing materials:

A brand receives a high score if its advertising positively breaks gender stereotypes.
A brand receives a neutral score if its advertising neither breaks gender stereotypes nor portrays gender-based violence or objectification.
A brand receives 0 points if it is objectifying or depicts gender-based violence.

We analyze a company’s commitment to intersectional gender equality by

Does the company report on the diversity of its employees?
Does the company report diversity in its supply chain?


Editorially independent, Gender Fair’s bi-weekly newsletter encourages those interested in becoming Gender Fair consumers to look deeper at important issues of gender equality, to ask questions of themselves about their understanding of fairness, and pairs concepts of social impact with a granular approach to consumer habit-building.

Each newsletter selects a single issue—like maternity leave and phase-back programs, emotional labor, media representation, sustainability—and does some light informing on the issue, then bridges over to featuring A-rated companies who are notable for getting this particular issue “right” vis-à-vis employee or consumer-focused policies. Support for these, or all, Gender Fair-rated brands is then encouraged with product recommendations, coupons, or links to the brand’s website.

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