Take The Gender Fair Assessment Today!

Evaluate your company’s progress by taking the Gender Fair assessment. You’ll learn how you compare against others, where your company’s blind spots are, and get an immediate scorecard to see how you rank!

Gender Fair’s holistic measurement evaluates leadership, employee policies, diversity reporting, communications and social responsibility and provides a road map to improvement.

Companies that meet the standard become Gender Fair certified, like these pioneers:

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The Assessment Process is Simple:

Taking the Gender Fair Assessment will:

      • Demonstrate how your company compares against competitors
      • Identify whether you meet the standard and where you can improve
      • Give your company a competitive advantage as you become Gender Fair
      • Help keep your company on track and accountable
      • Find blind spots in your organization’s approach to gender diversity and equality
      • Build gender equality and diversity into your company’s DNA
      • Help you tell a meaningful business story to your stakeholders, employees consumers and investors

Take The Gender Fair Assessment Today!