About Gender Fair
About Gender Fair

what we do

Gender Fair helps you make purchasing decisions based on a company’s demonstrated commitment to gender equality.

The Companies We Rate

Gender Fair’s proprietary methodology currently rates publicly traded, consumer-focused companies because companies on the public market must disclose information that privately held ones are not required to. In the future, we will rate private companies as well.

We choose around 15 of the largest, most commonly known companies for each industry. Some might be listed in more than one industry category where ratings can vary—although the corporate leadership and policies will be the same, different brands will have different marketing and philanthropy, which can affect their scores.

Search our App database for your favorite brands and products, or review the top performers by category. Each company’s profile allows you to drill down into the numbers and percentages we use to calculate scores.

The Data We Use

We use the most recent information publicly available wherever possible, gathered from annual reports, corporate social responsibility reports, and sustainability reports. We evaluate marketing imagery of the last two years, and update rankings annually.

We take every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data, and contact each company to give them the opportunity to confirm. Individuals and companies are invited to submit a request for correction for any information they believe is in error, which is implemented within 30 days after verification.

If a foreign company has a U.S. division with its own executive committee and board, we will use the data for the U.S. division in our ratings. When rating foreign companies, we include their programs and policies in the U.S., and not in other markets.

Learn more about how it works with our metrics.

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