Three Reasons Google Has To Pay The Stupid Money To Sexual Harassers

Read Gender Fair Co-Founder Kristi Faulkner in Forbes:

Though it’s hardly breaking news these days, yet another prominent man has been pushed out of his high-level position for the serial abuse of power and sexually harassing, assaulting, and exploiting several women who reported to him.

Yes, it does seem like the same old story we’ve been hearing since #MeToo began galvanizing a movement early last year. But this one, uncovered by the New York Times, is different. Because this one is Andy Rubin, the “Father of Android” and he worked at Google, a company that touches almost every man, woman, and child on earth, and where “don't be evil” is the ingrained credo.

Google feted his departure, with Larry Page himself publicly wishing Andy “all the best with what’s next” and, according to the Time’s stellar reporting, backed that good will up with $2.5 million cash in Rubin’s bank account every month for years to come.

Why didn’t they just fire him with nothing, you ask? It’s a reasonable question, and Google has at least three valid reasons for why it’s more important to pay nearly a hundred million dollars to the abuser rather than, say, publicly disavow his crimes, press charges, or equally compensate the women he was credibly accused of abusing.