At #MobilizeWomen 2017, Information is Power

Amy Cross speaks at Ellevate Network's Conference

New York City, June 22, 2017 — Ellevate Network's #MobilizeWomen is a one-day summit that brings together change makers in business to explore how we can commit to action against gender inequality.

During the "Information is Power: Creating Change Through Access to Information" panel, Gender Fair founder Amy Cross joined Allie Hoffman (Equality Equation), Tiffany Pham (Mogul), Lauren Leader-Chivee (All In Together) and Kate Gardiner (AVG) to explore how our increasing access to information is changing the ways women understand their power and employ their consumerism.

Watch their brilliant insight here, or download the Mobilize Women Action Guide for more action steps.


“Invest to support women, shop to support women, read to support women…”

— Amy Cross