Gender Fair is a TED 2018 Partner in the Age of Amazement

What's the most important thing you can do to create fairness?

Gender Fair was an official partner of TED 2018: The Age of Amazement in Vancouver (April 10 – 14). This year, TED explored the major developments driving the future of technology, globalization, work, politics, and radical social change. As advocates for social change, our exhibit invited attendees to examine explore their attitudes about fairness and equality—in their relationships, their families, and their work.

We also hosted a workshop with certified Gender Fair companies Lilly, Microsoft, and P&G to highlight the impact fairness initiatives are having in their work and communities, and showcasing a revealing study on retention by Network for Executive Women.

Creating a more equitable society for women and men begins with confronting the hidden assumptions and attitudes that prevent true fairness in your work and at home. And by examining who benefits from, or who is burdened by, your actions as a citizen and as a consumer.

Fairness is about everyone getting what they need to succeed, accepting that some will need more than others, and recognizing the benefits for all who are involved.

Follow #begenderfair for discussion of the hard truths about the unfairness we all experience, and the steps being taken by individuals and companies as they work to remove the barriers that create exclusion, especially for women of all colors and identities.

And so we ask you: What’s the most important thing YOU can do to create fairness?