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Johnson & Johnson is Certified Gender Fair

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The commitment to women and diversity at Johnson & Johnson isn’t a modern concept.

When the company opened in 1886, 8 of the 14 initial employees were women.

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 Supporting people both in and outside of the office

  • Johnson & Johnson is the only company of its kind to receive a perfect score for family-friendly policies.
  • Paid family leave at Johnson & Johnson is well above the benchmarks of Gender Fair and Fortune 500 companies with 17 weeks for mothers and 8 weeks for non-birth parents.
  • Johnson & Johnson's suite of programs to support families include breast milk shipping service, coverage for special needs children, flexible work schedules, and onsite fitness and health centers.

Women As Leaders, Catalysts, and Innovators

  • Not only does Johnson & Johnson offer a range of leadership programming, it also transparently publishes goals and tracks its progress.
  • Johnson & Johnson believes women can be catalysts for creating healthier people, healthier communities and a healthier world.
  • The WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Program sponsors female professors in STEM fields worldwide, connects students to successful professionals, and provides role models for young girls.

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