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Companies need
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as they would
any business problem:
with hard data.

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Gender Fair Assessment and Roadmap

An in depth independent assessment against GF metrics will identify where your organization is vulnerable/at risk/needs improvement from a gender equality lens. We will assess your company’s practices against best-in-class organizational practices and provide you a detailed roadmap that includes both short-term wins and longer-term recommendations for improvement.

Gender Fair Audit

Organizational Culture | Compensation | HR Processes Leadership & Skills | Stakeholder Perceptions | Internal and External Communications | Management Practices Marketing Efforts Performance Measurement

Gender Fair Audit

Gender Fair Boot Camp

Our one to two-day boot camp targeted to leaders and/or core team members ignites a productive conversation about gender equality and puts key issues on the table (e.g., unconscious bias) in a solution-based forum. GF boot camps are unique in that we share best practices from leading organizations and you’ll leave the room with real actions and accountability.

Gender Fair Culture Transformation

We’re going beyond awareness to true behavior change and advocacy. We will help you build an organization that not only advocates in what they say, but will advocate in what they do. Organization culture, team culture, and individual behaviors are all essential pieces of this change. We will help your organization identify targeted transformation goals that will generate the most value and work with you to outline the best approach to make these changed behaviors take root in the organization.

Unconscious Bias | Promotion Practices | Compensation Programs | Decision Making