Introducing The Gender Fair Mark

The world’s first and only market based solution for achieving Gender Fairness.  

The Gender Fair Mark informs consumers which companies demonstrate a real and substantial commitment to women’s equality as employees, consumers, and citizens. Companies are analyzed on metrics derived from the UN Women's Empowerment Principles and a small portion are certified and awarded the Gender Fair Mark. 


The Gender Fair Mark clearly identifies products, services, brands, and companies that actively practice gender fairness.


Does your company meet the standard?

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It’s easy to know what products are Fair Trade, cruelty free, or non-GMO. But when it comes to women — who make 73% of all purchases — it’s harder to find out how brands and companies treat their women employees and consumers.

We want information on how to shop responsibly and exercise our collective economic power to support the companies that support women — those certified GENDER FAIR.

Sign the pledge to receive our #IBuyGenderFair grocery list to help you shop the brands and products from A-rated GENDER FAIR companies. Have your money be a powerful agent in the fight for equality.

Your consumer dollars matter. Companies listen to you. You can make a difference with every purchase. Dollars make change. Sign our pledge to shop gender fair: buying from companies that promote women leaders, maintain family-friendly policies, create stereotype-breaking ads/imagery, and donate to women and girls’ causes.


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Amy-Willard Cross developed the first consumer index of corporate' gender equality called Buy Up Index in 2015.  That year, she was named a Global Thinker by Foreign Policy Magazine for her work in "Economic Girl Power."  The Gender Fair platform grew out of that work, and was created as commitment of the Clinton Global Initiative. In 2011, Cross founded VITAMIN W Media, as well as the first women’s midlife magazine in the 1980s. As an editor at major magazines in the U.S. and Canada, she created trend columns, front-of-the-book sections, and handled subjects from business to features, as well as a “live issue.” Cross has also written two books, countless articles, and radio essays. A fourth-generation graduate of women’s college and the great-granddaughter of a suffragist, she attended Wellesley and is named for suffragist Frances Willard. Follow her @amy2pt0.



Kristi Faulkner is a writer, creative director, and strategic consultant. For 20 years, she was an award-winning creative director at the most highly regarded agencies on Madison Avenue. She has advised clients who need and want to better reach, engage, and motivate women through enhanced marketing messages, product innovation, and organizational evolution. Kristi has conceived and produced multi-media, multi-channel campaigns for blue chip clients nationally and globally, including Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, JP Morgan Chase, PepsiCo Foods International, Post Foods, MasterCard, NBCUniversal, Food Network, etc. She has also been the architect of proprietary diversity initiatives at Cushman & Wakefield, TD Ameritrade, Citibank, and Kimpton Hotels. When she's not banging her head for big ideas, she's banging her body at cross fit. Kristi lives with her two teenage daughters and a dog in Connecticut. Follow her @womenkind. 



Johanna is an established business strategist and an accomplished leader for both start-ups and global corporations. Over 20 years, she has worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and JPMorgan Chase, and with over a dozen client corporations, including Delta, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Philips, Lucent, Bank of America, and Occidental Petroleum.  She acts as a coach to senior executives on boards and top teams. In 2016, she founded The Women’s Debate to encourage presidential candidates to focus on issues affecting women. Prior to this, she helped launch the Signature Program, a leadership development program for women at global corporations. Johanna co-founded GiveBack, an innovative platform that makes it easy for companies to build authentic and impactful cause marketing, workplace giving, and other social responsibility initiatives which was launched on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Originally from the Netherlands and educated in Canada, she has a Masters degree in Business Administration and resides in Mamaroneck, NY with her husband and serial entrepreneur, David Kidder and their three sons. Follow her @johannazeilstra